Show Us Your Socks People

Posted: May 1, 2012 in life is strange

Around the year 1915, the electric clothes dryer was invented.  At the same time, a conspiracy was born.  Not by the government, not by humans for that matter . . . no, it was artificial intelligence in its infancy.  All the dryers got together; Kenmore, General Electric, Whirpool and other name brand dryers that would like to remain nameless, and conspired against the ones who gave them life.  The plan was simple yet brilliant — steal just one sock, every so often.

Uncle Dryer:  Eat just one.  Do whatever you can to drive them crazy.  Let them stumble around with one sock held high, wondering where the other has gone.

Nephew Dryer:  Can I laugh to myself as they push me away from the wall to look for what is lost?  Or smile as they poke old hockey sticks or rulers under me, probing for what I’ve hidden?

Uncle Dryer: Yes.  Laugh, but only to yourself.  Keep them guessing.  This can’t happen every load.  Let them get comfortable.  Catch them unaware.  Watch as they pair their socks with a cockiness one might expect from this species.

Nephew Dryer:  Then strike?

Uncle Dryer: Then strike!

Now that we’ve uncovered this age-old conspiracy, I say its time we take back our socks! Let’s let our dryers know that we’ve had enough!  Say, “yes,” to air-drying those darned things!  Hang them from your showers, your railings and clotheslines.  Let’s show them we will no longer be victim to their evil plan. Show your socks people!


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